Singita Community Development


The Bodhi Tree Foundation is enormously proud to serve as the U.S. non-profit arm to The Singita Community Development Trust (South Africa) and to the Malilangwe Trust (the non profit partner of Singita Pamushana, Zimbabwe). Singita is committed to a number of conservation and community projects in the areas surrounding its lodges. Social outreach is high on the list of the company's priorities and the upliftment of neighboring inhabitants is key to Singita values.

In Africa there is a saying that goes "umuntu ugumuntu ugabantu" - a person is a person through other persons. Singita has taken this concept to heart and so have many of its visitors.

Current Initiatives

School of Cooking

South Africa | Singita Kruger National Park

By helping young students learn to cook, Singita is helping a community savour a whole new future.

Each year, eight to ten local students are selected to participate in an 18-month programme which prepares them for a career as a professional chef.

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Supplementary Feeding Program

Zimbabwe | Singita Pamushana, Malilangwe Trust

By helping to feed the children of their local rural communities, Singita is enabling them to fully benefit from their education.

Each school morning, 19,000 children between the ages of 6 months and 12 years receive a fortified meal prepared for them by designated volunteer mothers.

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Growing to Read

South Africa | Singita Sabi Sand

Through the “Growing to Read” programme, Singita helps lay a strong foundation to enable local children reach their full potential.

To this end Singita Sabi Sand partners with the non-profit READ Educational Trust to enhance the quality of early childhood education offered by the 10 pre-schools in communities bordering the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

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Singita is firmly entrenched in the philosophy of creating a better world for all. The company is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Africa...its wilderness and its people. To date, there are a number of success stories where Singita has made far-reaching changes to empower its neighbors to achieve a sustainable future.